How to use AirPlay in the wireless conference system?

Unlike ANDROID devices that use Miracast protocol as streaming protocol, Apple AirPlay is a wireless sharing and wireless streaming...

Unlike ANDROID devices that use Miracast protocol as streaming protocol, Apple AirPlay is a wireless sharing and wireless streaming technology developed by Apple. It can wirelessly transmit pictures, audio, and videos on iOS devices to devices (such as Smart tv) that support AirPlay via WiFi, similar to DLNA.

Our wireless conferencing system integrates airplay protocol and is compatible with iOS devices; meeting participants can easily share and stream audio, video, and any content from iOS devices to our wireless receiver and display it on the big TV. SmartShare Pro even supports 4K high-resolution streaming and sharing, and most importantly, there is no need to install any third-party app on your iOS devices. It’s truly plug-and-play. 

Two methods for AirPlay screen sharing:

1. When the wireless conference system didn’t connect to the network:

Step1: Open the WiFi setting of your iOS devices, search wireless conference receiver SSID and connect with your iOS devices. (Normally the SSID: SmartShare xxxxx, Password: 12345678), the SSID is shown on the left upper corner of the wireless receiver screen.

Step2: Open your Apple mobile phone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with your finger to call up the control center, and AirPlay icon (screen mirroring) can be seen in the control center. 

Step3: Touch the icon and select the wireless receiver SSID, then you can share pictures, music, videos, and thousands of APP from Apple devices to the big TV. 

2. When the wireless conference system connects to the network:

Ensure the iOS devices and wireless conference system are in the same network; 

Step1: Open the WiFi setting of your iOS devices, and connect with the same network of the wireless conference system. If your iOS devices are already in the same network, please ignore this step. 

Step2: Open your iPhone and open the control center. You will see the AirPlay (screen mirroring) icon. 

Step3: Click the icon and select the wireless conference receiver name. Then your iPhone’s content will be streaming to the big TV automatically. 

About AirPlay

If you are an audio and video content provider on the website, you should know about Airplay. It’s easy for users to stream audio and video to smart TV and audio systems via Airplay. Users can cast audio and video from iTunes or other iOS devices to Apple TV or an iOS-based sound system. 

AirPlay can cast video from the Internet, media stored on an iOS device, iTunes, or safari. 

AirPlay includes two parts:

  1. AirPlay
  2. AirPlay Mirroring

It is also essential to know that the AirPlay devices are also divided into two different types:

  1. Transmitters (iOS devices, for example iPod/iPhone/iPad)
  2. Receivers ( such as AirPort, Apple TV, audio system with AirPlay integration)

The principle of the AirPlay protocol

To realize the information streaming function between Apple products, Apple has formed the AirPlay protocol. With this protocol, Apple products can automatically discover each other and transmit music, pictures, and video files. In addition, AirPlay also develops an AirPlay Mirroring function, which can cast the whole screen of the iOS devices onto a larger screen display to realize the “wireless screen projection” effect.

Apple developed airplay protocol based on mDNS(Multicast Domain Name Server ) and DNS-SD (DNS Service Discovery) protocol. They are used by the IETF Zeroconf working group ( To automatically find network protocols for devices and services, Apple has implemented the framework of Apple’s digital home network based on those both protocols.

The format and rules of content sending of the Apple AirPlay protocol are founded on the mDNS standard. The mDNS protocol defines the basics of information between devices in the sending and receiving rules based on multicast technology.

Based on the mDNS protocol, the DNS-SD protocol stipulates the complete service process.

Only the device’s type of mDNS to be sent can be fully declared and described in its service.

When the DNS-SD protocol is used to realize the discovery and description of devices and services, Apple’s AirPlay protocol specifies the transmission and control message format of pictures, audio and video, thereby realizing media sharing and collaborative actions between smart devices.

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To put it simply:

In the local area network, the device is discovered through UDP multicast; then the handshake is carried out through TCP, the TCP link is established, and the communication is started.

What airPlay pushes is not the playback URL, but the video stream and audio stream parsed by the mobile device. That is to say, in the airPlay push process, AppleTV does not download the video by itself, but receives the information sent by the mobile phone. This is why airPlay will stop when the object carrying airPlay is destroyed.

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