SmartShare Mini

SmartShare Mini is a combination of one transmitter and one receiver. Connect the receiver with the display, and connect the transmitters with PC or any other device with an HDMI jack. After connection, users click the button on the transmitter, and the PC screen will be streaming to the display; other users can switch quickly with a simple click.

SmartShare Mini support 16 users to stream their screen to one receiver simultaneously, no need install any software and setting.

SmartShare supports AirPlay, Mircast, and Dldn streaming protocol, all in one, app free.

SmartShare Mini comes with the fast 802.11ac MIMO technology. MIMO increases Wi-Fi speeds by allowing a pair of wireless devices to send or receive multiple data streams simultaneously, which is suitable for video streaming.

Key Features

SmartShare Mini

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Compact Design

We creatively built a powerful chipset into such a light and compact structure, slim but powerful. Click and play, a professional wireless meeting solution, lets’ your meeting becomes easy and exciting.

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No Software Required

No software installation is required, anyone can use it freely by connecting the receiver with display and transmitter with video source through HDMI port. The video source screen will wirelessly be sent to the receiver instantly.

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5G AC 2T2R MIMO Technology

SmartShare mini built in the latest 802.11ac MIMO technology improves Wi-Fi speeds by allowing multiple data streams simultaneously, designed for the 4K streaming application.

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Multi-user Supported

SmartShare mini is an excellent wireless meeting solution, which supports up to 16 users to share the screen to one receiver, click to switch, it’s easy to switch to a different screen.

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High Security Protection

SmartShare mini supports advanced WPA2/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication to keep the data of your business and family safe, without security problems. 

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Smart Devices Supported

All in One, SmartShare Mini support three streaming protocol, Miracast, Airplay and DLNA. No need to install any APP on the phone, very convenient to use. 

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