Video Capture Plus

Video Capture Plus is a professional video capture solution with 3.5 inches LCD panel and a large capacity battery, which is convenient and excellent for the user to record any time at any place.

No computer and monitor required – watch your video on 3.5 inches LCD -Records videos on microSD Card, USB Flash Drive, or USB Hard Drive.

Equipped with the latest H.265 codec engine, which is a video compression standard with much better visual quality and lower bit rate than its precedent, H.264. H.265 has a bit reduction of 52% at 480p and 64% at 4K UHD when compared to H.264.

Video Capture Plus supports [email protected] HDR HDMI loop-out and up to 4K30 capture resolution, with four times the picture resolution of 1080p, much more clearer pictures, rich in details and texture, which delivers an extremely cinematic experience in the big TV.

Key Features

Video Capture Plus

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Built-in 3.5 inches Panel

We built a 3.5 inches LCD panel on the video capture pro devices, it’s easy for the user to operate and watch the video on the devices without connecting TV or PC.

Large Capacity Battery

A large capacity polymer battery are built into the devices, which supports up to 2 hours of playback. It’s easy for the user to capture or live streaming in any place.

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Powerful H.265 Hardware Encoder

H.265 is latest compression standard, successor to the  H.264 codec and offers significant improvements over that now-aging compression scheme, design for 4K high resolution video.

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4K60 HDR HDMI Loop Out

4K resolution has four times more pixels than Full HD, which means  8.3 million pixels in total. Which bring more clear pictures and rich details compared with full HD.

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Capture in 4K30

Relying on our powerful H.265 encode engine, video capture plus support high resolution video up to 4K30 or 1080P60 video capture and storage in TF card or U disk.

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Live streaming

Full HD live broadcast device integrating encoder, support live streaming, perfect for gaming, Sport, Events, Education application.

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