Wireless Transmitter Plus

HDMI Wireless Transmitter Plus is a powerful HDMI extender product powered by the H.265 hardware engine, a video compression standard designed to improve coding efficiency compared with H.264. H.265 presented a bit reduction of 64% at 4K UHD, with better video quality.

Wireless AV Plus supports 4K60 ultra-resolution. Beyond the four times resolution of 1080P, 4K means the images you see will be incredibly realistic. Wireless AV plus also supports 4K60 HDMI loop-out with HDR, with a broader range of colors and contrast.

With several times faster and much higher speeds, 802.11 ac MIMO technology enables the 4K UHD streaming to become a reality.

Built-in 2*5db high-sensitive antennas allow the Wi-Fi signal to travel farther and provide a stable connection.

Key Features

Wireless AV Plus

wireless transmitter products with plug and play
No software required

Both wireless transmitter and receiver with a standard HDMI port, which is compatible with any video source with HDMI port, no need for any setting, no learning cost, TX and RX will be connected after power on, it’s effortless for any starter to use the product.

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4K60 High resolution

Wireless AV Plus supports 4K60 high definition resolution, which has four times more pixels than 1080p, delivering fantastically clear pictures, rich details, and texture, which will bring you a cinematic experience in the big size TV, enjoy your wireless video at anywhere.

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With 5G WiFi MIMO Technology

802.11ac not only enables you to enjoy the fastest speeds, but to enjoy it along with Full HD content streaming, equipped with the 802.11 ac MIMO technology, with more strong anti-interference ability, an excellent solution for HD video streaming.

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Long distance coverage

Built-in high-efficiency Wi-Fi module and 2*5db high-sensitive antennas create a stronger connection over a long stance, ensuring the Wi-Fi transmission distance up to 200 meters in the clear line of sight.

IR back control

Wireless AV Plus supports the infrared extended function to control the video device remotely by IR remote control of the device, the infrared supports 20-60KHz wide frequency.

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High security protection

WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 supported by WHDXXXX are three security protocols and security certification programs developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to secure wireless computer networks. 

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