Powerful Video Capture with Live Streaming

Our innovative Video Capture is a powerful product with the panel and battery built-in, convenient for the user to record and stream at any place.

Relying on our high-professional hardware codec engine, which supports up to 4K30 video capture and 4K30 live streaming without compression, which is excellent for gaming market.

Capture Pro for Gaming

Video Capture Pro is our most professional device with a 5 inches touch panel and large polymer battery, convenient and excellent for you to record and live stream at any time, any place.

Equipped with an advanced H.265 encoding standard, besides 50% bit reduction, which substantially improves coding efficiency and delivers a significantly better visual quality.

Supporting 4K60 HDR HDMI loop-out for local display with no latency, users can enjoy the cinematic experience on the big TV at the same time when recording or streaming.

Video Capture Pro supports live streaming in 4K30 high resolution or 1080P60 fps to OBS, XSplit, and other third-party platforms.


Video and Audio Capture Plus

Video Capture Plus is a high-efficient and compact capture product with a build-in 3.5 inches panel and large capacity battery, support up to 4K30 video capture, and 4K60 HDR HDMI loop-out. Enjoy playing uncompressed video directly on the large panel with no latency.Support live streaming to third-party platforms such as OBS, XSplit.

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Video and Audio Capture Basic

Video Capture Basic is a professional device that supports capturing HD Video and Audio up to 4K30 from HDMI Video Sources and live Stream to third-party platforms such as OBS, Xsplit. It is powered by an independent H.265 Engine.

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