Wireless HDMI Transmitter and receiver

4K Wireless HDMI Extender with Zero Latency

Our Latest Wireless HDMI 4K extender supports up to 4K60 high resolution, Visual lossless video quality, and almost-zero Latency, which can be widely used in Wireless video Sender, Wireless Split TV, Wireless HDMI for gaming, VR/AR HMD, and Drone PFV applications.

Wireless HDMI Extender

ViewPlay Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver kit is a video streaming solution that sends wireless video signals remotely on another screen, even if the device is located in a different room.

The wireless HDMI kits includes a wireless HDMI video transmitter box and a Wireless Receiver box. The wireless sender is a wireless streaming device that wirelessly sends video from the HDMI source or HDMI signals, such as gaming console, set top box, cable boxes, home theater and blu ray DVD player, to a wireless receiver and HDMI outputs to TV and projector to replace the HDMI cable.

Key Features of 4K Wireless HDMI Solution

viewplay two people are playing VR game
viewplay-some people working at office

Private Chipset

Almost Zero Latency

Anti-interference Protocol

viewplay-4K TV showing 4K picture
viewplay-wireless HD transmitter with multiple receivers
viewplay-one people is using IR remote control to control the TV

4K HDR Vision Lossless

Multi Cast Supported

KVM Function

Wireless HDMI Dongle

The wireless HDMI dongle is a creative wireless video


Wireless HDMI 4K Plus

Wireless Plus is a powerful 4K60 wireless HDMI kit powered by the private codec engine, a video compression standard designed to improve coding efficiency compared with H.264, which also delivers a significantly better visual quality.


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Wireless HDMI Extender Pro

Wireless HDMI 4K Pro adopted our optimized video DSP, and low-latency

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