New Generation of Wireless Presentation Solution

Our new innovative and high-efficiency wireless presentation solution is a real plug-and-play wireless BYOD system.
The device supports multi-user mode and group function, with four screens split and host mode. The devices are widely used in business and educational markets to improve meeting efficiency.

Wireless Presentation Solution

A standard SmartShare is a combination of one transmitters and one receiver, the receiver is connected to display, and the transmitters are connected with PC or any device with HDMI jack, after connected, users click the button on the transmitter and the PC screen will be streaming to the display, other users can switch easily with a simple click. 

SmartShare Pro

Smartshare pro is our most professional wireless presentation solution, supporting 4K high resolution, four-screen split, and third-party video conference software, like zoom, team, which can significantly improve company meeting efficiency.

The SmartShare Pro supports Miracast, airplay and DLNA protocol, allowing the user to share audio, video, photos, games, and thousands of apps to the big size TV simultaneously without any app installation.

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SmartShare Basic

Smartshare Basic is a 1080P innovative presentation solution, no software required, supports AirPlay, Miracast, and DLNA, conferences become easy and fun.

SmartShare Basic supports iPhone/iPad/Mac/Android devices and laptops. By building the standard Miracast, Airplay and DLNA protocol, users can instantly share any content from their smart devices to the big size TV or projector without any app installation.

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SmartShare Mini

Smartshare Mini is a compact, innovative wireless meeting solution with a unique and powerful antenna design, wireless coverage above 100meters in the clear line of sight, App free, click and share, which will help you significantly improve efficiency in the meeting.

Miracast, airplay, and DLNA are three leading wireless display technologies, a great solution to share any content from smart devices wirelessly. SmartShare Mini supports all these mirror solutions without any APP installation.

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